• Propolis 20 ml

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      Thanks to its effects it is an important factor in preventing, alleviating and eliminating skin and body problems.

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    It eliminates or alleviates problems related to intestinal and urinary tract infections, articular rheumatism, colds, inflammations in the mouth and throat, and blood circulation disorders.
    Components stimulate and strengthen the functioning of the immune system, speed up the metabolism, destroy numerous poisons in the body, have a healing effect on fungal and mucosal infections in the oral cavity.

    The use of propolis tincture is simple. The prepared propolis tincture:
    – can be consumed or gargled when diluted in liquids (tea, milk, warm water);
    – propolis drops can be consumed on sugar;
    – apply it on wounds, abrasions, inflamed areas and frostbites with tampons;
    – it can be mixed with honey or other healing teas.

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