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      Due to its physical structure, clay has great powers to absorb anything that is bad for our organism.

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    It is prepared by putting it in a piece of earthenware and adding a mixture of water and apple vinegar (at a 50-50 ratio). Then, by stirring it, a mass similar to bread dough is produced. Clay is then formed into little loaves, half centimetre thick, that are applied to the affected spot (a layer of gauze can be used as the base). Compresses are then left for several hours or overnight, when applied in the evening, to develop their healing effects.
    Most often, compresses are applied only once a day; in severe cases, also several times a day. A freshly-made new compress must be placed on the affected spot every time, since it can only be used once.
    Warm compresses will help you with rheumatic problems and gastrointestinal disorders, while cold compresses are efficient in eliminating swelling, injuries, migraines, varicose veins and heart disorders.

    Preparation: To prepare powder clay put clay into an earthenware pot and add some water with cider vinegar (in the proportion 1:1), then mix it until you get a dough-like mixture. Form small loafs with a half of a centimetre in width. Put the loaves on an injured or infected area (beneath it you can place a layer of gauze). Leave compresses on the body for a few hours or for the whole night, if you have placed them on your body in the evening.

    Most frequently, clay compresses are used once a day. In severe cases, they may be used more times a day. Each time, place a freshly prepared or new compress on an injured or infected area, since individual compresses may be used only once.

    Use warm compresses to treat rheumatism and digestive disorders, and cold compresses to treat swellings, injuries, headaches, varicose veins and heart disorders.

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